Sustainable Development

Thor Mining understands that strong community relations, environmental sensitivity and effective corporate governance are all fundamental factors in sustainable development.

Thor believes that a commitment to sustainable development is vital to maintaining supportive relations with Land Councils, native titleholders and the community at large.

Thor is aware of its responsibilities to local communities as well as shareholders. Respect for the environment, native title and local communities leads to more efficient and successful operations.

Thor endeavours to comply with all legislative and common law requirements affecting its business. In particular occupational health and safety, the environment, native title and cultural heritage laws.

Thor recognises, considers and respects that environmental issues may arise from the company’s activities. Thor complies with all applicable legal requirements in order to reduce any potential negative impact from its operations. 


About NT Region


Health & Safety



Thor Mining enjoys excellent community relations with Indigenous communities and Land Councils in the Northern Territory. Before commencement of exploration work, the Company ensures Indigenous Land Use Agreements are signed and consultations with Land Councils take place.

Thor sees the maintenance and respect of such relationships as vital to the Company’s long-term progress and success.

Thor also ensures that any mutual benefits from mining activities, such as employment and training, are shared with local communities.

Land and Native Title

The Native Title Act 1993 recognises and protects the rights and interests in Australia of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, over land and water, according to their traditional laws and customs.

Approximately 45% of the Northern Territory is potentially subject to native title.  Application for exploration, or other mineral tenure, on pastoral land must consider the implications of the Native Title Act during the application process.

Thor follows procedures and guidelines for all application scenarios including: expedited process, right-to-negotiate and Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) processes for the Company.  The Company has always followed the path of signing Indigenous Land Use Agreements with the various native title parties before commencing exploration work over the Exploration Licences.

Meetings with Land Councils are often held in remote communities that are affected by the Thor’s proposal.  Topics for discussion include: the extent and exact nature of the exploration proposal, target commodities, local custom observance, compensation and planned itinerary.

Thor’s commitment to community consultation and constructive negotiations account for the Company’s excellent relations with Indigenous communities and Native Title holders.

The various Land Councils in the Northern Territory hold Thor in high regard for its commitment to constructive community consultation.

About NT Region

The Northern Territory (NT) of Australia accounts for one sixth of the Australian continent. The ‘Top End’ of the NT is the site of the capital city Darwin and major ports and wharfs.

Southern and central NT is desert or semi-arid plain, an area rich in minerals and energy resources.


Mining is a major contributor to the NT’s economy.  The NT mining industry has a long history and is well known for its variety of minerals and energy resources including bauxite, gold, manganese, zinc, lead, silver, bismuth, molybdenum, opal, tungsten and diamonds - to name a few.

Political Climate

Australia enjoys a stable political climate with strong government support for primary and commodity industries.

The Territory Government recognises the importance of the mining industry to the Australian economy through various support measures and a favourable regulatory regime.

Mining lobby groups maintain close and constructive relations with government at the Territory and federal levels.


The Port of Darwin, in the NT’s Top End, is Northern Australia’s main deep-water port. The predominant mode of land transport in the Northern Territory is a combination of sealed and unsealed roads and a major north to south rail link.



Thor Mining recognises, considers and respects that environmental issues may arise from the company’s activities. Thor complies with all applicable legal requirements in order to reduce any potential negative impacts on the environment.

Thor views its policy of compliance to all legal requirements and respect for the environment as crucial to the long-term success of the Company.

The Company’s strict adherence to these policies contributes to Thor’s excellent relations with local communities and Land Councils.

Thor’s environmental policies include:

  • Incorporating environmental management into all long-term plans
  • A clear message of environmental responsibility, which is communicated to all employees and contractors
  • Communication and consultation with local communities about all operations and their environmental management

Molyhil Mining Management Plan 2018

Bonya Mining Management Plan 2019

Health and Safety

Thor is committed to employing the best available staff and consultants with the skills required to fulfil and excel at their roles.

Thor ensures a safe work place and maintains proper occupational health and safety practices, appropriate to the nature of the Company’s business and activities.

Thor’s health and safety practices protect employees, contractors and local communities from the risks associated with mining and exploration.

Practical ways in which Thor promotes health and safety are by:

  • Providing employees and contractors with well maintained equipment
  • Ensuring machinery is equipped with safety devices
  • Communicating with employees and contractors the Company’s safety policies and ensuring that all employees and contractors understand their own responsibility in maintaining safe working practices.


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